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4 Step Plastic Steps
Plastic Step
Step Treads

4 Step Plastic Steps

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Product Summary
  • Step is made out of moulded, medium density polyethylene
  • Puts up resistance against most chemicals
  • Can be purchased with or without tubular steel handrail
  • Wash down easily
  • Abrasive anti-slip strips for additional safety
  • Capacity - 250kg
Code: RW0104/NH Colour/Options: Description: 4 Steps Dimensions (mm): 820(H) x 490(W) x 1080(D) Weight (KG): 20 Price: £168.56excl. vat: Price 2-5 £166.84 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts
Code: RW0104 Colour/Options: Yellow Description: 4 steps (with handrail) Dimensions (mm): 1620(H) x 490(W) x 1080(D) Weight (KG): 25 Price: £274.40excl. vat: Price 2-5 £271.60 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts

Additional Information

What is the purpose of the 4 step?

Plastic steps are probably one of the most popular, sturdy, impressive, handy and commonly used elevation tools in the market today. The good thing with these steps is that they are not only easy to use, can be carried from one space to another with ease but can also be used for a huge array of tasks and helps people serve wide range of responsibilities. With the help of 4 step plastic stairs, one can make it stand on the floor, climb up on it to reach to a higher level. Plastic steps, particular with 4 step, are most commonly used as elevation tools in warehouses, industrial locations or in spaces that are required to carry out any other work at heights.

Where can this product be used?

4 step plastic stairs are widely used in domestic as well as in professional set ups. These can also be used in warehouse inventories, small shops, showrooms, stores, hospitals, libraries, hotels, bars and just any space that requires people to access items stacked at height. One can also make use of these 4 step plastic stairs in household works, for e.g. – kitchen area, lawns, kids room and can be safely stored in garage. These 4 step plastic stairs can also be used in maintenance, paint and repair jobs that often require being carried out at height. The good thing with these is that they are safe and reliable and don’t usually tip even when one tends to stand on the outer edge of the tread area.

Who might use this product?

Since these 4 step plastic stairs can also be comfortably maintained (can do with less cleaning), these are more than perfect for people with mobility issues and those who find struggling with a standard climb or ladder a pain. These can be put into use by storehouse and warehouse inventory supervisors, householders and people working in industrial areas and construction sites, etc. In a nutshell, these plastic steps can be put into use by just anyone who thinks he/she requires them for carrying out their tasks that may be related with elevation, primarily!

4 step - Specifications 

These 4 step stairs are suitable for both heavy industry requirements as well as for meeting the requirements of domestic set up and the kinds of tasks carried within. The actual step up area is huge and is designed to keep a control on the accidents and injuries resulting from slips, falls and tips. The anti-slip abrasive strips keep a check on any kind of unusualness (mishap) that may take place during the operation.

With also a sturdy and useful tubular steel handrail fitted on either side (available only in 4 step), these are surely a must have for just any business that requires them. These are also chemical resistant and can be washed down with ease and are comparatively easy to maintain when compared with huge ladders. Made up of polyethylene, 4 step stairs are available in different colours so you can make a purchase depending on the colour that soothes your eyes or suits your home decor the best.