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Reform Ladders
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Reform Ladder

only £192.85excl. vat:
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Product Summary
  • Durable and strong
  • Stabiliser base
  • Capacity - 150kg
  • Rungs and slip have a non-slip coating
  • Made from aluminium
  • Double-sided ladder
  • Push up operation
Code: SK3246 Height (metres): 1.8 Section x Rungs: 3 x 6 Price: £192.85excl. vat: Price 2-5 £187.78 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts
Code: SK3247 Height (metres): 2.4 Section x Rungs: 3 x 8 Price: £226.10excl. vat: Price 2-5 £220.15 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts
Code: SK3248 Height (metres): 3.0 Section x Rungs: 3 x 10 Price: £252.70excl. vat: Price 2-5 £246.05 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts
Code: SK3249 Height (metres): 3.5 Section x Rungs: 3 x 12 Price: £335.35excl. vat: Price 2-5 £326.53 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts
Code: SK3250 Height (metres): 4.1 Section x Rungs: 3 x 14 Price: £375.25excl. vat: Price 2-5 £365.38 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts

Additional Information

What is the purpose of the reform ladder?

Reform ladder usually takes the shape of an inverted “Y” when made to stand while in use. These are the kinds of ladders that are versatile as well and also multi-function and are commonly used as straight extension ladders. A reform ladder functions like other industrial ladders that stretch higher and higher and help in carrying out tasks at a height that is otherwise tough to reach even with a decent human height. Reform ladders are mostly available in aluminium these days and are growing hugely in demand and popularity among industrial ladders.

These ladders stand up firm on the grounds with an extended A-frame set up. They usually have strong and impressive section stiles that are mostly easy and comfortable in use. These are also light weighed and can be carried quite comfortably between the spots or jobs. Any reform ladder must be chosen with care and should be positioned firmly so that accidents can be avoided. These are also usually available in double or triple sections which mean more safety, better stability and safe storage – all in one place!

Where can this product be used?

Reform ladder is usually suited for both professional set ups as well as for domestic purposes. However, these are also the kind of ladders that must be bought depending on the specific requirements of the task to be carried out or the workplaces that needs it. Reform ladders can be used for construction jobs, industrial arenas, maintenance tasks and more. Reform ladder can also be put into spaces that demand paint, repair or maintenance tasks to be carried out at a height for a short span of time.

Who might use this product?

People working with industries such as construction, maintenance, repair, etc are found using reform ladders for almost every other task. Whether one is looking for warehouse inventory work, repair tasks, or paint jobs, a reform ladder can play a crucial role. These can also be used by people who are in need of DIY elevation products (ladders).

Reform ladder - Specifications 

These reform ladders have been made to the very best standards. With 3 different sections and a strong stabiliser base, these reform ladders are good to go with the completion of most of the industry works. These can also be used as strong and sturdy double sided ladders. Anti slip rungs along with feet ensure that the ones who climb on it are going to enjoy the treatment they deserve – i.e. a safer access. These have a maximum load of 150 kg and boast of its true colour – aluminium; available in high quality and allows push up action.