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Order Picking Trolley 2 Shelf
Warehouse Step Trolley
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Order Picking Trolley 2 Shelf

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Product Summary
  • Tubular steel constructed trolley
  • Steel or plywood shelfs
  • 2 shelves
  • Non-slip treads
  • 4 wheels - 125dia mm
  • Tray heights - 310H and 970H mm
  • Colour - blue
Code: BC51 Dimensions (mm): 1520(H) x 480(W) x 1350(D) Price: £534.85excl. vat: Price 2-5 £520.78 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts
Code: BC51/S Dimensions (mm): 1520(H) x 480(W) x 1350(D) Price: £620.35excl. vat: Price 2-5 £604.03 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts

Additional Information

What is the purpose of the order picking trolley 2 shelf?

Order picking trolley 2 shelf are the ‘equipments on wheels’ commonly used for transportation needs in the industrial as well as the commercial locations. These are commonly used by offices involved in order taking; order takers can easily, comfortably and safely reach for products, goods or items that are stacked at higher shelves or racks. The involvement of these trolleys also ensures safe and reliable access without any kind of risks posed to the damage of life and property.

Order picking trolley 2 shelf are also the kind of trolleys that are built with the non-slip treads that play a crucial role in preventing any kind of accidents, injuries and mishaps. Since these trolleys have 2 shelves, one will only enjoy a lot of ease and comfort in loading even multiple items all together. When it comes to pulling out the different goods and items from different shelves, these are the equipments that can be best trusted. These order picking trolleys are best for tasks related to display, storage and dispatch.

Where can this product be used?

Order picking trolley 2 shelf is mostly used for serving commercial requirements. These are the kind of trolleys that are most commonly used for store operations, warehouses and various other industrial environments. Order picking trolley 2 shelf are also used in bookstores, pharmaceutical firms, schools, libraries. These also make one of the most essential equipments widely used in hobby stores and specialty crafts. However, these are the kind of trolleys that can also be used for domestic purposes. For small businesses or huge enterprises that are involved in the sale of a wide range of products, these are the products that are suitable for retail.

Who might use this product?

In most of the cases, order picking trolley 2 shelf makes an ideal addition in the daily life and work of the retail shopkeepers. Whether it is to be used in small shops or showrooms or in huge retail stores, there is not even a singly doubt about these trolleys contributing to making the tasks easier and faster. These can be put into use as soon as an order arrives and there is a need to pull out the stocks from the shelves or racks.
These order picking trolleys with 2 shelves make the tasks happen faster which is why these are commonly used by book store assistants, warehouse personnel, library staff and storehouse workers. These are also helpful during the drawing out of the books from the racks, or during the stock inspections or while one looks for reorganising the items stacked; or even if it is about their transportation from one shelf to the other while changing their locations.

Order picking trolley 2 shelf - Specifications 

These trolleys boast of high quality spring loaded steps and are fabricated with the impressive and sturdy tubular steel. Steps in these trolleys are made of anti-slip treads which means they are safer and much more reliable when compared to other products in the market. The 2 shelves that make it suitable equipment for transportation of multiple items together boast of steel trays that are power-coated and promise durability along with safety and comfort. With the heights of 310mm and 970mm for lower tray and the second shelf, these trolleys are a must have for businesses that require transportation trolleys or equipments for serving heavy duty needs. These are available in both steel and plywood material with a decent warranty on both the parts and the labour.