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Lift and Push Painted Safety Step
Lift and Push Galvanised Safety Step
Lift and Push Safety Steps

Lift and Push Safety Steps

only £404.70excl. vat:
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Product Summary
  • Made of fully welded steel
  • 400D mm platform 
  • 559W metal punched treads
  • Painted finished - available in 4 colours
  • Rubber tyred wheels
  • Handle bars for safety and for manuvoeuring the unit around
  • Available in colour painted or galvanised finish
Code: BC3830 Colour/Options: Description: 3 treads Dimensions (mm): 1674(H) x 760(W) x 1070(D) Platform Height (mm): 760 Price: £404.70excl. vat:
Code: BC3840 Colour/Options: Description: 4 treads Dimensions (mm): 1934(H) x 760(W) x 1220(D) Platform Height (mm): 1020 Price: £431.30excl. vat:
Code: BC3850 Colour/Options: Description: 5 treads Dimensions (mm): 2184(H) x 760(W) x 1370(D) Platform Height (mm): 1270 Price: £459.80excl. vat:

Additional Information

What is the purpose of the lift and push painted?

Lift and push painted steps are the must have for workplaces that require their workers to work at heights and are also looking for products that can prevent workplace accidents. It is a product that helps in carrying out maintenance and access requirements at elevation. These are commonly used in warehouse, supermarket, etc.

Since these steps are the best at serving during the regular maintenance of higher shelves or elevated equipments, these are suitable for both minor and major high access requirements. Wheels installed with these make it far safer elevation equipment put into use simply because of the immense control over this equipment that one can get to experience during mobility as well as stability.

Where can this product be used?

Anyone who is looking for a safe access at elevated places for carrying out maintenance or other tasks can use this product. This product can be used in every place that requires people to work at a height of 5 feet or beyond, on a regular basis.

Whether it is about accessing those higher supermarket shelves or stacking items in those huge warehouse racks, lift and push painted steps make an ideal substitute for all the other ladders that are actually unsafe. It serves well when it comes to the industrial or electrical maintenance needs.

Who might use this product?

Maintenance in-charge, safety supervisors, warehouse supervisors, etc. are found commonly putting these into use. All those who are in search of equipment that can help them work even at heights safely and confidently can put these into use. These are designed to serve ideal mobile elevation requirements.

Lift and push painted- Specifications 

With a platform that is approximately 400 mm deep and metal treads up to 559 mm, lift and push painted steps are a must have for any business that is looking for the safest ladders for all sorts of elevation requirements. With the perfect painted finish, these can also be bespoke made which means you also have the best product available as per specifications.