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Easy Action 381mm Wide Steps
Easy Action Safety Steps
Narrow Isle Safety Steps

Easy Action Safety Steps

only £442.70excl. vat:
Product Summary
  • Manufactured from steel which has been fully welded
  • Rubber non-slip treads
  • Single safety rail only available on 2-tread steps
  • Double safety rails on 3-6 tread steps only
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Swivel rubber tyred castors which retract when steps are being used
  • All our steps are manufactured to order, therefore please check all dimensions thoroughly as we are unable to accept any returns
Code: BC5941 Colour/Options: Description: 4 treads, double handrail Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 1825 x 520 x 920 Platform Height (mm): 915 Price: £442.70excl. vat:
Code: BC5951 Colour/Options: Description: 5 treads Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 1950 x 685 x 1050 Platform Height (mm): 1140 Price: £478.80excl. vat:
Code: BC5961 Colour/Options: Description: 6 treads Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 2180 x 685 x 1200 Platform Height (mm): 1370 Price: £518.70excl. vat:

Additional Information

What is the purpose of easy action safety steps?

Easy action steps are commonly used in places where accessing the higher shelves or items stacked at height is carried out on a daily basis. It acts as a safe, reliable and useful elevation tool ensuring that the access no more proves to get too strenuous for the body. These are the products that are specifically designed keeping in mind the narrow spaces that may look impossible to accommodate huge ladders. In such cases, even the use of wider steps may look comparatively impractical.

Where can this product be used?

These are commonly found in the older businesses and in various other places that may not afford huge ladders or warehouse steps or for that matter, don’t at all require them. This product can be very well used in places that require the employees to work with the higher shelves or in workplaces that have quite small elbow room. These can also be used in smaller shops and mini malls with goods and items stacked at the higher shelves and needs access every now and then.

Who might use this product?

Easy action can be used by multiple people in countless spheres of life. These products can be used by librarians, owners/workers of smaller shops, supermarket workers, inventory supervisors and actually anyone who is looking for a small, smart and easy elevation solution. It is typically an ideal solution for just anyone who wants to be some 4 or 5 feet taller to access higher locations in a narrow space.
Easy action is an amazingly handy elevation technique that has retractable wheels that make it possible to move it to any corner of the workplace where it needs to stand stable for serving the requirements. With handrails providing utmost safety, they can be easily moved around the space and lets one do all kinds of work right from maintaining the stacked items at heights to fixing a bulb that seems to have gone fused.

Easy action - Specifications 

Its complete steel construction makes it look like one of the sturdy and the most durable products reliable enough for serving the purpose of accessing at elevation. With treads that are safe, this is a must-have equipment, especially for small shop owners. Castors retract when the steps are put into use and the double handrails make it a much safer option for elevation products available in the market currently.