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Double Ended Access Platform
Access Platform
Warehouse safety steps

Double Ended Access Platform

only £1,025.05excl. vat:
Delivery Delivery: 10-15 working days
Product Summary
  • Completely welded steel construction
  • Metal punched tread/platform - non-slip
  • Hand/safety rail stands 914 mm above the platform and are along both sides
  • Hand operated level up to 6 treads only
  • 7-10 tread models have double lever brakes, one on each side
  • 4 bold colours to choose from
  • All our steps are manufactured to order, therefore please check all dimensions thoroughly as we are unable to accept any returns
Code: BC3333/30/3 Colour/Options: Description: 3 treads Dimensions (mm): 1676mm(H) 813mm(W) 2438mm(D) Platform Height (mm): 762 Price: £1,025.05excl. vat:
Code: BC3333/30/4 Colour/Options: Description: 4 treads Dimensions (mm): 1930mm(H) 813mm(W) 2743mm(D) Platform Height (mm): 1016 Price: £1,085.85excl. vat:
Code: BC3333/30/5 Colour/Options: Description: 5 treads Dimensions (mm): 2184mm(H) 813mm(W) 3048mm(D) Platform Height (mm): 1270 Price: £1,152.35excl. vat:
Code: BC3333/30/6 Colour/Options: Description: 6 treads Dimensions (mm): 2438mm(H) 813mm(W) 3352mm(D) Platform Height (mm): 1524 Price: £1,222.65excl. vat:
Code: BC3333/30/7 Colour/Options: Description: 7 treads Dimensions (mm): 2692mm(H) 1016mm(W) 3658mm(D) Platform Height (mm): 1778 Price: £1,297.70excl. vat:
Code: BC3333/30/8 Colour/Options: Description: 8 treads Dimensions (mm): 2946mm(H) 1016mm(W) 3962mm(D) Platform Height (mm): 2032 Price: £1,378.45excl. vat:
Code: BC3333/30/9 Colour/Options: Description: 9 treads Dimensions (mm): 3200mm(H) 1016mm(W) 4267mm(D) Platform Height (mm): 2286 Price: £1,464.90excl. vat:
Code: BC3333/30/10 Colour/Options: Description: 10 treads Dimensions (mm): 3454mm(H) 1016mm(W) 4572mm(D) Platform Height (mm): 2540 Price: £1,557.05excl. vat:

Additional Information

What is the purpose of the double ended access platform?

Double ended access platform is widely used in warehouses, construction and industrial work areas where maintenance and other operations are carried out on a height that is otherwise not reachable. These platforms are capable of providing the warehouse personnel different levels of elevation that would actually depend on the job and requirements.

Double ended access platform is great for people who are looking for a safe and reliable access platforms for washing off the windows on their private jet, fixing the top most rack of the warehouse that may have a screw missing or repairing lights fixed at height. These products are designed keeping both the safety and the stability in mind.

Where can this product be used?

Double ended access platform is highly recommended for work areas that may require some maintenance work at a height that is too far away from the ground and hence difficult to reach. These products are most commonly used in places where the workers or even the business owners find it extremely risky to use ladders and can’t make use of other unstable equipments for reaching heights where some maintenance or repair work needs to be carried out.

Double access platforms can be used for work spaces and are ideal for factories that require servicing or maintenance of huge machines from time to time. Workers who are required to work on the ceilings or high on the walls can also put such platforms into regular use. Anyone who requires these platforms allowing access from not just one but two sides should look for double ended access platform that makes an ideal choice for these or similar situations.

Who might use this product?

Double ended access platforms are commonly used by maintenance staffs, factory supervisor or warehouse personnel. Such products will make an inseparable part of their project and will make an ideal choice for maintenance equipment helping in handling work and operations at heights.
All those who have been using ladders or any other elevation equipments may switch to using double ended access platform that is any day a better, safer and suitable option. It is an essential product for all those who are required to work with access points at elevation or with high shelving system in industrial sectors. Staffs that are required to climb up at a height for completing their work on a daily basis must not ignore these products.

Double ended access platform - Specifications 

With handrails on both the sides and an impressive 914 mm over the platform, these double ended access platforms have levers that are hand-operated. Platform provides safe access with non-slip feature and screw jacks that can be adjusted and are available for up to 10 tread models.
All the double ended access platforms are bespoke made which means you will only need to drop us a call (to our sales team), let us know your specifications and requirements and we will have it made exclusively for you.

Anything interesting? 

An interesting fact about this product is its ability to operate at different levels of elevation. It is available in the form of an impressive and interesting ‘scissor lift’. Now the scissor lift platform can also be raised to as high as 34 metres – you can imagine a completely grown and big adult blue whale scaring you with that height!