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Aluminium Ladders
Builders Stepladder
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Aluminium Ladders

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Product Summary
  • Heavy duty aluminium construction
  • Non-slip feet
  • Strong, sturdy frame
  • Capacity - 130kg
Code: SK7031 Description: 4-Tread Platform Height (mm): 800 Price: £120.65excl. vat: Price 2-5 £117.48 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts
Code: SK7032 Description: 5-Tread Platform Height (mm): 1400 Price: £131.10excl. vat: Price 2-5 £127.65 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts
Code: SK7033 Description: 6-Tread Platform Height (mm): 1270 Price: £138.70excl. vat: Price 2-5 £135.05 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts
Code: SK7034 Description: 8-Tread Platform Height (mm): 1730 Price: £167.20excl. vat: Price 2-5 £162.80 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts
Code: SK7035 Description: 10-Tread Platform Height (mm): 2190 Price: £190.95excl. vat: Price 2-5 £185.93 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts
Code: SK7036 Description: 12-Tread Platform Height (mm): 2660 Price: £245.10excl. vat: Price 2-5 £238.65 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts

Additional Information

What is the purpose of the aluminium ladders?

Aluminium ladders act as your height boosters and help you reach up to heights that otherwise seem to be completely out of your reach. For people who are looking for ladders that are extremely safe and quite comfortable in use, these ladders easily fit the bill. If they are to stand on floors that are solid and reach up to a level, they can be used absolutely anywhere – outdoors or indoors.

The slip resistant features of aluminium ladders are usually a major attraction for most of the buyers. It is also possible to store these forms of ladders almost anywhere which means users also get to enjoy the advantage of safe storage alongside.

Where can this product be used?

Aluminium ladders are commonly used in home improvement projects that often require products that are light in weight and are easy to transport from one place to another. For home owners that need ladders for constant use in household, this is the kind of ladder to go for!

Aluminium ladders can also be used in window cleaning, repair work, painting, grabbing items off the shelf located at higher places and just anything that requires one to climb up to a height that is little or more far from the ground. Aluminium ladders are also widely used in office areas, universities, hotels, showrooms, small shops, etc.

These are the kind of ladders that are suitable for use in both a domestic environment as well as in a professional space. Recommended for both commercial uses and DIY purpose!

Who might use this product?

Aluminium ladders are extremely popular among the home owners as they can be used in a wide array of domestic applications which is unusual for most industrial ladders available in the market today. Since these are durable and can withstand even the harshest environment or weather, putting them into day-to-day use makes sense to every buyer that is looking for an affordable and useful ladder.
These are also used by professionals during maintenance, repair, painting tasks and anything other related activity. Aluminium ladders are the tools of the tradesmen, contractors and also of the household.

Aluminium ladders- Specifications 

With anti-slip feet and up to 130 kg weight bearing capacity, these heavy duty aluminium ladders are suitable for a wide range of purposes. These are non corrosive, sturdy and even steady (stands firm on the ground); highly recommended for businesses and people with limited storage space.
These are also the kind of ladders that are resistant to both corrosion and dust which means they are fit for use even on a daily basis and for constant period of time, as per requirement. These boast of zero level thermal stress and a higher tensile strength; requires minimum amount of maintenance and are strong enough to withstand weather extremities, in most cases.