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1 Step Plastic Steps
Plastic Step
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1 Step Plastic Steps

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Product Summary
  • Medium density polyethylene
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Can be clean easily
  • 4 bold colours available
  • Anti-slip abrasive strips to aid safety
  • Capacity - 250kg
Code: RW0101 Colour/Options: Description: 1 step Dimensions (mm): 300(H) x 485(W) x 310(D) Weight (KG): 5 Price: £52.92excl. vat: Price 2-5 £52.38 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts

Additional Information

What is the purpose of the 1 step?

1 step plastic stairs are becoming increasingly popular in homes as well as in offices nowadays. It is due to the level of comfort and safety offered by them that put them into regular use in most of the fields today. Plastic steps act as instant and handy height boosters with the help of which it becomes easy to reach a height that may not be possible for people with even a decent height. For people who are looking for something that’s extremely handy and easy to carry, 1 step plastic stairs can serve the purpose well. Even though they are small, they are meant to be handy.

Where can this product be used?

Plastic steps are probably one of the most ubiquitous tools used as safety steps that are widely used and is growing in demand in most areas of life. 1 step plastic stairs are used in a huge array of sectors which include schools, factories, hospitals, leisure centres, haulage companies, post office, etc.

Plastic steps are also commonly used for domestic works and are one of the useful additions in homes, particularly the kitchen area and kids room. They are safe and parents can confidently put them into use with their children and in little tasks that revolve around them. These plastic steps are also quite popular in warehouses and with merchants and builders.

Who might use this product?

1 step plastic steps are actually the most widely used because they are safe, reliable, handy and extremely useful. They can be carried out from one spot to another with ease and quite instantly. Since the plastic steps are mostly easy to clean and takes minimum effort in maintenance and are usually resistant to most of the chemicals around, they are ever rising in demand. They have smooth exteriors and hence easy to clean which is why they are getting popular among the householders as well as in office areas.

1 step - Specifications 

These 1 step plastic stairs have a load bearing capacity of up to 250 kg. These are made up of the tough and sturdy polyethylene; these are the kinds of plastic steps that are resistant to most of the harmful chemicals out there. These are also ideal for a lot of wash down applications, available in different colours. If you buy these in 4 steps, you will also get a tubular steel construction fitted as handrail. These also boast of safe and reliable non-slip abrasive strips that aim at aiding safety.

Anything interesting? 

Plastic steps are available in huge choice of colours, style and design in the market today. Most of the buyers now make a purchase according to what suits their home or office decor the best. Needless to say, this is just the beginning. Since the manufacturers realise the growing demand of plastic steps also sufficing the requirements of aesthetic appeal, buyers will soon get to experience the best range of single, dual, triple and quadrilateral items.